If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

By Greg


Dear Dr. Miller, I wanted to send you a letter letting you know how pleased I was with my orthodontic process over the past 16 months. From the initial meeting to the removal of my braces, your organization was first rate! It proved to be a confirmation of why I chose Carmel Orthodontics over the other three offices I considered. Specifically, Amy and Stacy were wonderful to deal with. They always greeted me with a smile and a cheery attitude. Furthermore, they both regularly asked about my sons by name and made me feel more like a friend than a patient. In addition to Amy and Stacy, the front office staff was extremely efficient and very pleasant. I never waited more than five minutes for my appointments and similarly, got my new appointments scheduled very quickly. Please extend my sincere thanks to these individuals and all the other unnamed Carmel Orthodontic employees that made my process a remarkable experience.

By The Schlobohms


Having three children in need of braces, I interviewed several orthodontic offices and ended up choosing Carmel Orthodontics. From the moment we entered the office, we were treated like family. My children have always enjoyed the patient appreciation parties as well as the puzzles and activities they have available. There’s something different to enjoy there each month and the staff has frequently gone above and beyond the call of service. When our son was faced with a very lengthy surgery, who showed up at the hospital to lift our spirits? Believe it or not, the staff at Carmel Orthodontics! They have become like family to us. I now have children with beautiful smile and have made some wonderful friends. So thank you Dr. Miller and incredible staff.

By Ross’ Mom


I had always thought that braces were for teenagers so when I brought my eight-year-old in to Carmel Orthodontics for an orthodontic evaluation, I never dreamed he would be ready to start treatment. It was a decision that has changed my son’s life. The interceptive treatment that Dr. Miller recommended changed Ross’ entire appearance. He doesn’t even look like the same kid, which Ross appreciates. His new smile has built his confidence to the point where he isn’t afraid to give school presentations or look at people when he is talking to them. We also catch him smiling a lot more. What a difference a few months at Carmel Orthodontics has made.

By Seth VanNatter


Your office is the best! It has everything that would make a kid love the orthodontist. You are so nice too! You know how to make the patient feel comfortable. The retainers and braces are comfortable and you know how to explain the procedure of taking care of the patients’ mouth appliance. Your overall office is fabulous. Thanks!

By Matt and Monica Inman, Caroline, Bailey, Andrew, Mary Grace, and Rowan


In this day and age, a large family—like a good bedside manner—is somewhat of an anomaly. I am, however, one of the lucky few who have experienced both of these things. As the stay-at-home mother of five, my days are spent (like any good Italian mother’s) cooking, cleaning, and worrying. Quietly adding up how many people there are in my family as I rattle off their names sends a stranger into a hushed but obvious panic: You can see the burning question in their eyes-- But what about braces?? Ah, yes... the braces: a rite of passage almost as expected and equivocal to the sweet sixteen birthday party, as shiny as the metal of the car keys, minus the car. As of today, Dr. Miller and his staff have outfitted and graduated our oldest two precious darlings in the metal track-work, pleasing us so much with the results, that now our third oldest has hopped aboard the “brace face train.” Nothing says “middle school” like a sparkly smile! Chugging right along, Number Four has already had her initial consult with the good folks of Carmel Orthodontics, even though she’s a few years away from her own set of braces. In the meantime she’s solving puzzles, wearing goofy outfits (for theme weeks), and practicing dental hygiene so she can chalk up points on her Smile Reward’s card—a lovely incentive this office devised to keep the whole braces thing as fun as possible!

As a mom who looks for and appreciates care and creativity of those around her, I can honestly say I am moved and awed by all of the efforts this office puts into their patients. There is a reason why we’ve put three of our five children into not only braces here, but also the good hands of Dr. Miller. I myself am treated like an old friend whenever I’m waiting for a child’s checkup, as I snag a cup of coffee and chat it up with some of the nicest gals at the front office. Carmel Orthodontics created this atmosphere of joviality and genuine interest in their patients by choice, which sets them apart from the routine and detached staff of other dental practices. We feel like we belong. This is how you treat family—it’s how I’d treat my own—and it’s why The Inman Family keeps coming back for more. Pretty soon, it’ll be four down, and one to go... and I can assure you, we’ll take Our Last to The Best! Thanks for everything you all do, Dr. Miller and Staff!

By Sarah Jarding


I am a patient at Carmel Orthodontics and I just wanted to say how much I like Carmel Orthodontics. Every time I go to the orthodontist, I always feel so comfortable in the environment. I never feel scared or uneasy. All the tools there they use on my mouth never hurt, which I’m happy about. Everyone who works there is so nice to me every time I go there. They are so nice and ask me some different questions. And before they ever do anything to my teeth they tell me what they are going to do and if they think something might hurt they ask me if I’m doing okay or not. I like that when I get there, there is a station to brush my teeth. I like the toothbrushes because they have toothpaste already on them. They are cool!

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